Siltronix VFO 90-6




VFO 90-6


External VFO used to replace a crystal in a channelized radio to give expanded frequency coverage.

Accessory for

Cobra 21

Cobra Cam-89

Cobra 29

Courier Conqueror

Courier Caravelle

Hygain 670

Hygain 671

Hygain 672

Kris 99'er

Kris T-23

Lafayette Comstat 25A/B

Lafayette Comstat 35

Lafayette HB-525A/B/D/E/F

Lafayette HB-625

Midland 13.868

Pearce-Simpson Cougar

Pearce-Simpson Tomcat 23

Realistic TRC-30

Realistic TRC-24B/C

Regency Formula 23

Lafayette SSB-23

Lafayette SSB-25/A

Midland 13.896

Midland 13.898/B

Hygain Hyrange 5

Realistic TRC-47

Realistic TRC-48

Realistic TRC-48


Replaces Channel 23 Crystal (23.540 or 23.580 MHz, 7.860 or 7.8625 x3)

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Last modified: December 31, 2018