Polytronics Poly-Comm Sr. 23




Poly-Comm Sr. 23



Orig Price

$369.00 (1962)

$349.50 (1963)


First 23 channel all crystal controlled citizens band transceiver utilizing "frequency synthesizing" circuitry. Built-in tone filter for selective calling, S-meter and output indicator, also serves as P.A. system.


The Poly -Comm Sr. "23" Transceiver exclusively provides "SPECTRAMATIC Tuning" . a new frequency synthesizing concept that both transmits and receives over the full range of 23 channels. Enjoy full 23 channel operation without paying extra for additional equipment. The Poly - Comm Sr. "23" incorporates every new advanced feature available to the professional communication operator. New features include: Poly -Call (Selective Squelch and Ringer) completely silences the Sr, "23" until one of your own units calls you. The Tone Ringer activates similar units in the system, controls lights, tape recorders, garage door openers, blows car horns, etc.; Nite-Volume Control monitors incoming calls at a preset volume; Message Light remains lighted to notify you that you have been called; Illuminated S Meter indicates signal Poly -Comm "N" CB TRANSCEIVER for matchless range now with RF Nuvistor Stage Dual Conversion Superhet Circuit Sensitivity - .1 for 6 db S/N Super Sensitive Stable Squelch 60 db Adjacent Channel Rejection 70 db Image Rejection Better than 3W Power to 52-72 Ohm Antenna nuvistor RF and mixer stages assuring you of the ultimate in low noise sensitivity; and adjustable modulation gain control for 100% modulation regardless of particular voice characteristics. Super sensitive squelch with range control and a variable depth noise limiter and electronic switching complement and insure the ultra -high sensitivity of the Poly -Comm Sr. "23" Transceiver. For both base station and mobile use, the Poly - Comm Sr. "23" is precision -engineered for the true citizen's band perfectionist.


23, Crystal Controlled

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Polycomm Sr. 23 photo courtesy of Cliff SWL #135

Polycomm Sr. 23 photo courtesy of Cliff SWL #135

Poly-Comm Sr. 23