Company History:
Faust Gonset, W6VR, was an old-time ham. In the 1930s, he contributed articles about transmitter modifications to RADIO magazine. In 1942, he co-edited the Radio Handbook, for years the major competition to the handbook put out by the ARRL. In fact, the West Coast-oriented RADIO gave QST a good run until just after WW II, when it tried to shift its focus to broadcast engineering, went bust, and was folded into CQ.

In the forties, Gonset joined his father’s company, bringing in some top ham radio engineering talent. The first noteworthy product was the legendary “Communicator” series of portable VHF transceivers. This was followed by a mobile converter, the “10/11,” and the equally legendary “Commander,” an HF mobile. When the FCC finally allowed mobile amateur operation in the 50s, Gonset was there, leading the pack with small, lightweight, mobile powered, and pretty much unbreakable, ham radios at affordable prices

Historical Address:
Gonset Company
601 So Main
Burbank, California

Gonset (1959)
A Division of Young Spring & Wire Corporation
801 South Main St.
Burbank, CA