Eico 770 Series




770 Series



Orig Price

Model 770: $79.95 (kit) $109.95 (wired) (1962)

Model 771: $89.95 (kit) $119.95 (wired) (1962)

Model 772: $89.95 (kit) $119.95 (wired) (1962)


A steal . Better than manufacturing specs . . . Base -to-mobile contact out to 22 miles consistently, often to 40 miles . . Thorough manual is almost a handbook for CB radio."-Tom Kneitel, Editor, S9 MAGAZINE. Front panel selection of one of 3 transmit crystals with continuous receiver tuning over all 23 CB Channels, or a fourth transmit crystal with appropriate receiving crystal. Press -to -talk button on microphone; transmit -receive switching accomplished by high -quality relay with minimum capacity between contacts to prevent current leakage at RF frequencies. Superhet receiver with RF stage for high sensitivity & proper signal-to-noise ratio. 1750 KC IF strip for unequalled image rejection & freedom from oscillator "pulling" on strong signals. IF strip prealigned so that only "touchup" alignment without instruments is needed. Current metering jack in series in cathode circuit allows checking of input power to transmitter final and adjusting it to FCC limit. 13 -tube performance (4 dual function tubes, 4 single function tubes, plus germanium diode). Adjustable squelch control (in addition to automatic noise limiter). Optimum adjustment to any popular CB antenna assured through use of variable pi network in output. AVC. 3" x 5" oval PM speaker. Supplied complete with 8 tubes & 1 transmit crystal



Power Input

770: 117VAC

771: 117VAC and 6VDC

772: 117VAC and 12VDC


Eico Advertisement, Electronics World - 1961

Eico 770
Photo Courtesy of Mark N5RPZ